About Our Organization


Agrupation/Organization Society for the Civil Defense of Minors (ASCDEM) is a bilingual child protection organization that puts the needs of victims of child abuse first as a human right and assists local communities to facilitate reports of child abuse effectively and efficiently. ASCDEM also provides training to local professionals to more quickly recognize the symptoms of child abuse and provide leads of likely abusers to law enforcement partners. Once rescued, the children move into placement of healthy adoptive homes through our foundation, Los Niños Necesitan Familias Saludables, for children who have been trafficked and help them find families who want to adopt them with the approval of the CAC team… Read More


Founder and CEO

I am 44 years old and I was born and raised in the country of Mexico. At the age of fifteen, I witnessed an event that changed my life forever. I started working in a mechanical workshop. In front of the workshop there were rooms for rent for low-income people. In the first room lived a woman approximately 24 years old and her daughter a little girl between 3 and 4 years old. The woman washed other people’s clothing to earn a living. Every morning around 7am at first the voice of the little girl was heard; a sweet talking child calling her mother “mommy”. Likewise, the voice of her mother could be heard, as it began the day without a drop of love and with each minute her tone became more and more exasperated until the hysterical screams of the woman attacking and beating the little girl. The screaming and cries of the little girl were clearly perceived as she did not understand why her mother treated her that way… Read More