A Child’s Voice is a Human Right

Mobile Child Advocacy Center

When child abuse occurs, many do not know where to begin in the lengthy and often complicated process. Beyond being able to provide basic trauma response services to underserved community members, mobile Child Advocacy Centers (CACs) can solve multiple problems by eliminating transportation from both rural and urban areas to coordinate appointments to multiple organizations…

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Mexico ranks first in the world in physical violence and homicide of children under 14 years of age. Rapes in this population group increase year after year so it is urgent to implement solutions. Four girls and boys die daily from violence. The widespread presence of organized crime cartels and social inequity greatly affects children…


ASCDEM (Agrupation/Organization Society for the Civil Defense of Minors)is a professional membership organization dedicated to helping local communities respond to reports of child abuse effectively and efficiently, and put the needs of child victims first.

Our mission is to model, promote, and offer excellence in child abuse prevention and response through service, education, and leadership.

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